If you are thinking of selling your home, now it is the time start completing all of the those items in your “to do list” and more! Remember, you are going to be in a competition between all of the other homes for sale in your neighborhood and nearby and there is nothing better to make your home feel newer than the competition than new paint and the cost vs the return is well worth it in the end.

As most professional realtors would tell you, buyers today want to buy something that is move-in ready, clean, and nice. With that in mind, curb appeal, both inside and out, is definitively something that you want to focus on as it is going to be one of the main selling point of your home. The good news is that unlike other aspects of your home, such as layout and ceiling heights (things that you cannot really do much about), curb appeal is a selling point over which you have much more control of in terms of budget and time.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to add curb appeal is with paint. A fresh coat of paint will bring your home to its original splendor. It will make your home feel clean and crisp. And it will make your buyers feel confident about the overall condition of the home.

Here below are some general pointers to think about:

1. Be sure to paint your home before listing it.

2. Be sure to air out the house before a showing or your open house. The smell of paint is not always pleasant and it definitely does not yell “welcome home.”

3. Opt for light and grey tones. All shades of whites not only are the popular choices, but it makes your home feel welcoming.

4. If you have scuffs on the walls, water spots in the ceiling, split caulking, and/or overall “tired” surfaces, painting is a must. It will be a major deciding factor for your buyers as it will give the impression that the house was poorly maintained. As a result, your house will direct your potential buyers straight towards houses that look well-maintained.

5. Consider hiring us, your local professional painting contractor. A professional painter will ensure that buyers’ quality expectations are met. Chances are it will be done by the time you are ready to list the home, and a reputable company may offer you warranties that could be transferred over to the new buyer–giving you an extra selling point.

6. Also, before listing your home, consider walking around creating a “to-do” list of minor items that need attention. Small things like a loose door knob or burned light bulbs–and be sure to fix them.