seamless aluminum gutters When a homeowner faces the realization that he has serious gutter problems that  have to be fixed, it’s very similar to the feeling you have when you’re told you need a root canal.

Neither one is something to look forward to and they can both be a painfully necessary in order to protect some of great value to you.

The Difference Between Traditional and Seamless Aluminum Gutters

Traditional gutters have been around for decades and are pre-made and sold in standard lengths, then pieced together end to end to cover the required roof length. The problem with “piecing them together” is that the finished gutter has connection seams (joints) that will, over time, result in water leakage problems. These leaks can result in mold, mildew, and even foundation problems.

Seamless gutters, on the other hand, are made of one piece of aluminum that is cut on-site and customized to fit your home’s exact measurements. Seamless aluminum gutters not only virtually eliminates gutter leak problems, they also create a visual aesthetic appeal giving your home that special curb appeal.

Best Seamless Aluminum Gutters in Cumming

Earthly Matters Painting can now provide on-site seamless aluminum gutter replacement service while painting the exterior of your home.

We at Earthly Matters Painting look forward to providing our 16 year proven quality service record to you and to your home.