Does your brick home look old and tired?  If so, don’t worry because we have a solution for you – Painted Brick Is In!

If you live in Georgia, then there’s a good chance you have a home with brick on the exterior of your home and the colors of brick used on these homes can range from red barn colored brick to “orangish” colored brick and yes, even pink toned brick!  We’re not design specialists, but we do a lot of high end homes and are pretty sure those colors aren’t “In” and probably won’t be for a long time – if ever.

So, if you are one of those “lucky” people who have “Georgia brick” on your home and want a newer more modern look for your home, why not consider painting your brick?  Painted exterior brick is in and will most likely stay in for a long time because of the advances in paint technology and application techniques used today.

Now, before you go off and purchase a paint sprayer and a case of blue tape keep reading and consider the pros of having your brick painted by a professional Vs. the cons of painting your exterior brick yourself otherwise known as exterior brick DIY.

PROS Of  Painting Exterior Brick By Professional

Most professional painting companies should have the experience needed in painting brick – but first be sure to ask and also ask for some pictures of work they’ve done, just to make sure.  Having the right experience in painting exterior brick is essential to the end product turning out right, but also the difference between lasting for a couple of decades vs lasting only 3-5 years or less.  Professional painters have all the tools needed for prepping the brick for paint and professionals can get the job done in one day, ensuring there aren’t any differences in the look of the paint.

CONS Of Painting Exterior Brick DIY

If you are not a professional painter, then there’s a good chance you may not have all of the tools and equipment to do the job properly.  That being said, you can certainly go out and purchase those tools and then find a corner in your garage to store them and that’s fine, but it should be a consideration.

You’ll need to power was and/or scrub the exterior of your home and let it dry completely. Not allowing the brick to dry completely may result in moisture within the porous brick turning into mold or even a breakdown in the brick itself.

Using the wrong type of paint, or not applying the paint correctly or not preparing chips or cracks properly can result in the paint  not sticking, possibly chipping or pealing in less than 3 years time.  If this begins to happen you are left with three options… 1. Repainting the brick yourself – once again and hoping you do it right the second time.  2. Hiring a professional to repaint your exterior brick

[but now it’s a larger job because they have to remove a lot of the paint that’s not attached properly].  3. Removing the paint all together – which is a HUGE job!