Flooded House San Diego

Flooded House San Diego

House flooding can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. The cleanup and insurance process could be a nightmare. If you experience flooding, don’t panic and call a professional for drying and cleaning. Contact us immediately at EZ Dry Flooding, and we will clean up and dry your flooded house in San Diego.

Damages that flooding can cause to your house

Flooding introduces a myriad of issues for a homeowner. Not only is flood water very unhygienic and dangerous, but the resulting moisture and humidity can cause further structural damage to your house. This will, in turn, introduce another set of hazards and health issues. There could be additional dangers if the water comes into contact with exposed wiring.

Floodwater can contain things like sewage water and dirt, which could introduce deadly pathogens to your house. The resulting damp conditions would be the perfect breeding ground for mold growth, and this could also be toxic to human health. So, you can see why you should clean up and dry your house as soon as possible to prevent the damage from spreading.

Flooding is not just due to natural disasters or extreme weather; it could also be due to plumbing failures. Depending on the extent of damage, you can try to dry out your property on your own or call professionals to do a more extensive job. If you’re looking for a company to clean and dry your flooded house in San Diego, call us.

What should I do after my house floods?

After a house flood, you should try cleaning up the place as quickly as possible. You should contact your landlord to inform them of the extent of the damage. If you’re the homeowner, you should call up your insurance company to let them know of the damage. Enquire what exactly you need to do before beginning any cleaning up.

If your flooding is due to a plumbing problem, the first thing you should do is to stop all water by shutting off the main water valve. Locate these things as early as possible and don’t wait for the worst to happen to find them! Note that if it’s due to a sewage leak, evacuate your property as soon as possible to minimize health risks.

You should also try turning off the electricity. However, if there’s a lot of water around your fuse box, call an electrician. To avoid the spreading of mold, keep dark areas like basements and attics well ventilated with plenty of sunlight, and treat potential areas with bleach.

How do professionals dry my house?

Your contractor will come and dry your house physically as well as the air with dehumidifiers. Most companies carry out drying with hot water extractors, or industrial water extraction pumps to remove moisture.

After hot water extraction, we will sanitize any hard surfaces and test them for harmful pathogens. We will then carry out further drying. We will use truck mount systems for removing sewage, dirt, chemicals, or soil.

Are you looking for professional cleaning up and drying services for your flooded house in San Diego? Contact us at EZ Dry Flooding for any emergencies.