Fence Builder Santa Rosa

Fence Builder Santa RosaAnyone can promise to erect a fence, but few local outfits make redwood fences as well as Redwood Residential Fence Company of Cloverdale. Serving Sonoma County plus parts of Napa, Mendocino & Marin Counties.

Do good fences make good neighbors, as the old adage promises? Actually, yes. A great fence can define property lines, discourage trespassing and prevent pets from wandering in or out of a yard. Redwood fences are gorgeous, and never require painting. California redwood, sustainably harvested, can be a truly marvelous thing in the hands of an experienced fence builder. Santa Rosa is just one of the NoCal cities and towns in which Redwood Residential Fence Company does a thriving business. Our reputation is stellar, because we deliver a superior product for an entirely reasonable price. In addition to Santa Rosa, Redwood Residential serves all of Sonoma County, Napa County, Mendocino County and parts of Marin County, as well. When you want residential redwood done right, call us. We’d love to be your one and only fence builder Santa Rosa or wherever you happen to have need of a high quality fence built by a locally owned Cloverdale fence building enterprise. Sonoma County is our home, too, and we’re always happy to help a neighbor make marvelous improvements to their residential property. That’s why our name is Redwood Residential Fence Company.

Life in California wine country is good. We live here, too, and we’re all about making every fence we build as lovely a neighborhood addition as possible. We offer a range of fencing materials, including California redwood, split cedar, wire and a composite material from Trex. Do you understand that not every Sonoma County fence company uses American grown wood? It’s true. If you wish to do business with an American outfit, using locally grown redwood, contact Redwood Residential Fence Company of Cloverdale. For more info, call 707.799.0009 Fence Builder Santa Rosa