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When you want to make your home look better and increase its value, painting the outside is a smart move. However, choosing the right service to paint your home is more than just changing the color. It’s about making your home stand out, keeping it safe, and doing the work correctly from the start. If you live in Alpharetta or nearby and are looking for a professional painting company, you’ve come to the right spot. Here’s a simple guide to help you begin:

  • Understand the importance of quality service and attention to detail.
  • First impressions matter; choose colors and finishes that uplift your home’s exterior.
  • Look for a company with a solid reputation, backed by positive customer reviews and a commitment to exceed your expectations.

Whether it’s combating the wear and tear from the elements or refreshing your home’s aesthetic appeal, the quality of your exterior painting project hinges on whom you hire. With the right team, your home can withstand the seasons beautifully and make a statement that resonates with luxury and care.

Top Exterior Painting Services: Find the Perfect Match for Your Home

  • Step 1: Research local painting companies with excellent reputations.
  • Step 2: Check their previous work, customer reviews, and any before and after photos.
  • Step 3: Ensure they offer a detailed proposal and stand behind their work with a warranty.
  • Step 4: Look for professionalism from your first interaction.

Choosing a professional for your exterior painting project means investing in your home’s durability and aesthetic appeal. Let’s dive deeper into what makes exterior painting so critical and how to ensure you’ve found the perfect match for your home.

Understanding Exterior Painting Costs

When it comes to exterior painting services, understanding the costs involved is crucial. There are several key factors that can influence the final price tag of your project. Let’s break it down:

Cost Factors

  • Square Footage: The size of your home plays a significant role in determining the cost. More square footage means more paint and more labor, which equals higher costs.
  • Material Quality: The type of paint you choose can also impact the price. High-quality paints from brands like Sherwin-Williams, Benjamin Moore, Behr, and Valspar might cost more upfront but can offer better coverage and longevity.
  • Labor: The complexity of your home’s design and the experience level of the painters can influence labor costs. Detailed trim work, high ceilings, and accessibility issues can all increase the amount of labor required.

Square Footage

Calculating the square footage of your home’s exterior is the first step in estimating the cost. It’s not just about the size but also about the surfaces that need painting. Different materials like wood, vinyl, or stucco may require different preparation and painting techniques, affecting the overall cost.

Material Quality

Choosing the right paint is about more than just color. You’ll need to consider factors like weather resistance, durability, and finish. For example, latex paint is known for its ease of application and clean-up, while oil-based paints are valued for their durability. Investing in high-quality paint can save you money in the long run by reducing the frequency of repaints.


The skill and experience of the painters are crucial to a successful exterior painting project. Professional painters know how to properly prepare surfaces, choose the right products, and apply paint for long-lasting results. While it might be tempting to save money by doing it yourself or choosing a less experienced team, poor quality work can lead to additional costs in repairs and touch-ups down the line.

In Summary:
Understanding the costs associated with exterior painting services requires a look at the size of your project, the quality of materials, and the labor involved. It’s important to get detailed quotes from professionals that break down these costs, so you know exactly what you’re paying for. Investing in quality now can save you from costly repairs and repaints in the future.

Next, we’ll explore how to choose the right paint for your home’s exterior, considering factors like durability, weather resistance, and brand reputation.

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Home’s Exterior

When it comes to giving your home an exterior makeover, the paint you choose plays a pivotal role. Not only does it define the appearance of your home, but it also protects it from the elements. Let’s dive into the essentials of selecting the right paint, focusing on paint types, durability, weather resistance, and some of the top brands.

Paint Types

There are mainly three types of paint to consider for your home’s exterior:

  • Latex Paint: This is a water-based paint, known for its ease of clean-up and environmental friendliness. Latex paint dries quickly and is highly resistant to fading and temperature changes, making it a popular choice for exterior surfaces.

  • Acrylic Paint: Essentially a type of latex paint, acrylic is enhanced with acrylic resin, offering greater durability and resistance to weathering. It’s an excellent option for areas exposed to harsh weather conditions.

  • Oil-Based Paint: Known for its robust finish, oil-based paint is ideal for trim work that requires a glossy and durable surface. However, it takes longer to dry and has a more potent odor compared to water-based paints.

Durability and Weather Resistance

The durability of your paint directly impacts how often you’ll need to repaint. High-quality paint can withstand the elements, retain its color, and resist peeling, cracking, and fading. When considering paint for your home’s exterior, look for products specifically designed to be weather-resistant. These paints are formulated to hold up against rain, wind, UV rays, and fluctuating temperatures.

Top Brands

Choosing a reputable brand can make a significant difference in the longevity and appearance of your paint job. Here are some of the most trusted brands in the industry:

  • Sherwin-Williams: This brand is renowned for its durable and vibrant paints. Sherwin-Williams offers a wide range of exterior paints that are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making them a great choice for any home.

  • Benjamin Moore: Known for premium quality paints, Benjamin Moore has an impressive selection of colors and finishes. Their products often include proprietary ingredients that enhance the paint’s performance, ensuring your home looks great for years.

  • Behr: A popular choice among DIYers and professionals alike, Behr provides a balance between quality and affordability. Their innovative products include weatherproofing and easy-clean features, catering to a wide range of exterior painting needs.

  • Valspar: Valspar paints are celebrated for their versatility and color guarantee, offering peace of mind that the paint will look as expected on your home’s exterior. They are a solid choice for various types of exterior projects.

In Summary

Choosing the right paint for your home’s exterior is crucial for both aesthetics and protection. Consider the type of paint that best suits your climate and the part of your home you’re painting. Durability and weather resistance are key to ensuring your paint job stands the test of time. Lastly, opting for a reputable brand can provide you with a wider range of quality options to meet your specific needs.

As you weigh these factors, the right paint can significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal and overall value. With the right selection, you’ll enjoy a beautiful and durable finish that will protect your home for years to come.

Next, we’ll guide you through preparing your home for exterior painting, ensuring a smooth and successful painting project.

Preparing Your Home for Exterior Painting

Prepping your home for an exterior paint job is like laying the foundation for a house. It’s crucial for the end result to look good and last long. Here’s how to get your home ready for a fresh coat of paint.


Dirt, dust, and mildew can prevent paint from sticking to your home’s exterior. The first step in preparation is pressure-washing your home’s surface. This process removes all the grime and provides a clean canvas for painting. It’s like giving your house a good bath before dressing it up!

repairing surfaces

After your home is squeaky clean, inspect the exterior for any damage. Look for chipped paint, cracks, or rotted wood. These need to be fixed before you start painting. Imagine painting over a cracked wall without fixing it first—your new paint job won’t look smooth or last long.

For wood surfaces, use a wire brush to scrape away any rotted parts until you reach solid wood, then fill in the gaps with exterior-grade wood filler. For cracks in stucco or brick, a high-quality caulk or filler designed for those materials will do the trick.


Caulking is like the glue that holds everything together. It seals gaps and cracks, preventing water from sneaking behind your siding or trim. Apply caulk around window frames, door frames, and any other areas where different materials meet. This step ensures a watertight seal, so your paint job stands the test of time.


Finally, priming your home’s exterior is like applying a base coat of nail polish before the color—it ensures the paint sticks and stays. If your home has been previously painted and the old paint is in good condition, spot-priming may be sufficient. However, if you’re making a significant color change or if the surface hasn’t been painted in a long time, a full coat of primer is recommended.

Primer acts as a bonding agent between the surface and the paint, providing a smooth, uniform surface for the paint to adhere to. It also helps to block stains and prevent them from bleeding through the new paint.

By following these steps—pressure-washing, repairing surfaces, caulking, and priming—you’re setting the stage for a successful exterior painting project. These preparations might seem like a lot of work, but they’re essential for achieving a beautiful, long-lasting finish. The best paint job is only as good as the preparation that goes into it.

Now that your home is prepped and ready, you might be weighing the options between tackling the painting job yourself or hiring professional exterior painting services. Let’s explore the pros and cons of each in the next section.

DIY vs. Professional Exterior Painting

When it comes to giving your home a fresh coat of paint, deciding between DIY and hiring professional exterior painting services can be a tough call. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to consider:

Time Investment

  • DIY: Painting your house can be a huge time commitment. Depending on the size of your home, it could take several weekends or even longer. This doesn’t just include painting time but also prep work and clean-up.
  • Professional: Hiring professionals saves you time. They have the experience to get the job done efficiently and effectively, often completing the work in a fraction of the time it would take you to do it yourself.

Skill Level

  • DIY: Painting might seem simple, but achieving a professional-looking finish is more challenging than it appears. It requires skill to handle various tools and techniques, especially for high or hard-to-reach areas.
  • Professional: Professional painters have the skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality results. They know how to prepare surfaces properly, choose the right tools, and apply paint for a durable and beautiful finish.


  • DIY: While you can save money with DIY, there’s a risk that the final result might not meet your expectations. Without the proper skills, you might end up with uneven coats, drips, or visible brush strokes.
  • Professional: Professionals guarantee quality. They have the expertise to ensure a smooth, even finish that will last for years. Plus, many offer warranties for their work, giving you peace of mind.

Ricciardi Brothers Tips

The Ricciardi Brothers, known for their painting expertise, suggest that regardless of the route you choose, the key to a successful paint job is in the preparation. They recommend investing in high-quality paints and materials, whether you’re painting yourself or hiring professionals. They also emphasize the importance of proper surface preparation to ensure the paint adheres well and lasts longer.

In summary, while DIY painting can be rewarding and potentially cost-saving, it requires a significant time investment and skill level to achieve quality results. Professional exterior painting services, on the other hand, can save you time and guarantee a high-quality finish, making them a worthwhile investment for many homeowners. Consider your priorities, budget, and the scale of the project before making your decision.

Moving on, let’s dive into some of the top exterior painting services that can help transform the look of your home.

Top Exterior Painting Services

When it comes to giving your home a fresh, new look, choosing the right exterior painting service is crucial. Here’s a breakdown of some top services that have earned their stripes in the industry.

CertaPro Painters

CertaPro Painters is known for its reliability and high-quality service. They offer detailed, customized written proposals at the time of your appointment and back their work with a written warranty. Their reputation as a trusted local painter comes from a commitment to delivering what they promise, on time and on budget.

A Painter’s Touch, LLC

At A Painter’s Touch, LLC, the focus is on treating your home as if it’s their own. They understand the importance of your residence and strive to achieve the best-looking and longest-lasting results. Their preparation process is thorough, ensuring that every surface is ready for painting, which is key to achieving the best results.


WOW 1 DAY PAINTING stands out for its speed and efficiency. They aim to complete your painting project in just a single day without compromising on quality. Their process includes a detailed consultation, efficient prep work, and a final walkthrough to ensure customer satisfaction. They also use eco-friendly paint, which is a significant plus for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Earthly Matters Contracting, Inc.

Earthly Matters Contracting, Inc. prioritizes commitment and customer satisfaction. They are known for using high-quality materials and providing a detailed approach to each project. Their expertise in handling different surfaces and weather conditions makes them a reliable choice for your exterior painting needs.

Top Exterior Painting Services: Find the Perfect Match for Your Home

Choosing the Right Service for You

When selecting an exterior painting service, consider the following:

  • Experience: Look for a service with a solid track record.
  • Reputation: Read reviews and testimonials to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • Quality of Materials: Inquire about the brands of paint they use and why.
  • License and Insurance: Ensure they are licensed and insured to protect yourself against any accidents or damages.
  • Portfolio: Ask to see examples of their past work to ensure their style matches your vision.

The right exterior painting service not only boosts the curb appeal of your home but also provides long-term protection against the elements. With the right team, you can transform your home into a stunning masterpiece that stands the test of time.

Let’s address some common questions homeowners have about exterior painting.

Frequently Asked Questions about Exterior Painting

When considering exterior painting services, a few questions pop up more often than not. Let’s dive into these and clear up any confusion.

How much does it cost to paint the exterior of a house?

The cost can swing widely based on several factors, including the size of your home, the type of paint used, and the complexity of the job (like the number of stories or the condition of the exterior). On average, painting a 2,000-square-foot home might set you back around $5,200, but remember, this number can vary. For a more precise figure, it’s best to get quotes from professional painting services.

How long does it take to paint the exterior of a house?

The duration depends on the home’s size, weather conditions, and how much prep work is needed. For a standard-sized home, expect the painting process to take anywhere from a few days to a week. Larger homes or those requiring extensive prep work might take longer. Professional painters can provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific situation.

Can I paint the exterior of my house myself?

Yes, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. DIY painting can save money upfront, but it requires a significant time investment and access to the right tools and equipment. Safety is another concern, especially for multi-story homes. If you’re not experienced or if the project feels overwhelming, hiring professional exterior painting services might be the better choice. They bring experience, efficiency, and peace of mind to the table, ensuring the job is done safely and to a high standard.

As we’ve explored these common questions, it’s clear that exterior painting is a considerable undertaking that can significantly impact your home’s appearance and durability. Whether you decide to tackle the project yourself or hire professionals like Earthly Matters Contracting, Inc., careful planning and understanding are key to a successful exterior transformation.

Moving on, let’s delve deeper into the importance of choosing the right service for your painting needs.


Choosing the right exterior painting service isn’t just about freshening up your home’s look; it’s about protecting your investment and ensuring the work lasts for years to come. That’s where Earthly Matters Contracting, Inc. stands out.

When it comes to exterior painting services, we understand that quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction are paramount. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering exceptional results that not only meet but exceed your expectations. Here’s why choosing us is a smart decision for your home:

  • Quality Materials: We use only the best paints and materials, ensuring your home’s exterior withstands the test of time against weather and wear.
  • Expertise: Our team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to handle any exterior surface and architectural style. From preparation to the final brush stroke, we ensure every detail is perfect.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We believe in clear communication and transparency throughout the project. Your vision is our blueprint, and we work diligently to bring that vision to life.
  • Warranty and Assurance: Our confidence in our work is backed by a solid warranty, giving you peace of mind that you’re making a worthwhile investment in your home.

Top Exterior Painting Services: Find the Perfect Match for Your Home

Choosing the right service means partnering with a team that values your home as much as you do. At Earthly Matters Contracting, Inc., we’re not just painting houses; we’re enhancing homes and building relationships with homeowners who trust us to deliver the best.

For those ready to transform their home’s exterior, we invite you to explore our services and see the difference quality craftsmanship can make. Discover more about our exterior painting services and let us help you make your home the pride of the neighborhood.

In conclusion, the right exterior painting service can significantly elevate your home’s curb appeal, protect it from the elements, and increase its value. With Earthly Matters Contracting, Inc., you’re choosing a partner dedicated to excellence, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Contact us today to start your home’s transformation journey.

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