Cost To Paint Your HomeThe best way to reduce the cost to paint any part(s) of your house is to reduce the time (labor cost) it’s going to take to do the job.  The way to reduce the time (labor cost) it’s going to take is to consider doing some of the more time consuming painting yourself.  This does not suggest that you will have to climb a ladder, hang off a balcony, or put yourself at risk or danger in any way.

Many of the more time consuming painted areas of your home can easily be done with two feet (yours) on the ground, or the floor.  Here are some of those areas that can reduce the cost to paint your home:

Interior and exterior spindles and handrails on decks, front porches, stairways, hallways, etc. are not difficult to paint.  They are, however, very time consuming (labor cost) because they usually require hand painting using a brush.

All exterior painting companies use pressure washers to clean exterior surfaces prior to prepping and painting those surfaces.  If you wish to pressure wash other outside areas that will not be painted or stained, there will be an additional cost.  If you have a lot of concrete driveway and parking areas that need pressure washing, you may want to do this “in house” as this can be very time consuming (labor cost).  The same is true for concrete walkways and/or steps in certain areas around the perimeter of the house.

One of the more time consuming interior painting jobs is painting kitchen and bathroom cabinets.  Again, this is not a difficult or dangerous job, but it does take a great deal of time because of the hand painting requirement.  Many homeowners opt to save money on the labor cost for cabinet painting by declaring them “family projects” with a time limit attached to the job.

Another relative factor to reduce the cost to paint your house is to select a paint contractor that does not require an up-front deposit or payment of any kind until the job is completed and you are satisfied with the results.