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Preparing To Sell Your Home – Best Way To Get Top Dollar

Top 10 Things To Do Before Listing Your Home Top 10 Things To Do Before Listing Your Home If you are thinking about selling your home this year, then you better get started on preparing your home so that you can get top dollar.  Did you know that two very similar homes in [...]


How Cold Is Too Cold To Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

Living in the South means we are typically blessed with mild winters compared to many other states, but every once and a while we get a long and cold winter where the temperature stays below 50 degrees most of the week and sometimes for the entire month.  You may be thinking about selling your home [...]


Thinking of selling your home? Then It’s Time To Paint.

If you are thinking of selling your home, now it is the time start completing all of the those items in your "to do list" and more! Remember, you are going to be in a competition between all of the other homes for sale in your neighborhood and nearby and there is nothing better to [...]

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