atlanta paintersCumming house painters can be found in every town, municipality, and community surrounding Cumming.  Cumming painters range in size from a basic one man operation up to a formalized company that employs many painters, divided into painting crews, who are able to provide painting services to larger areas around Cumming.

What Cumming painting company should I use to paint my house?

When Smaller Is Best:  If you need to paint a relatively small interior area (examples: a few bedrooms, a master bath, or a family room) or small exterior area (examples: your stand alone garage, a small deck, or the shutters on the front of your house) you are most likely better off with a small 1, 2, or 3 man operation.  They are more flexible with their time and can usually accommodate these smaller jobs for less money than a larger company.

However, even though it’s a small job, it is most important that you check references thoroughly and completely.  Your up-front expense should be limited to the paint or stain being used for the job.  Do not pay for the job until it’s finished and you are satisfied with the results.

When Bigger Is Best:  A general rule of thumb is if you need to paint 5 or more interior rooms in your home or any complete exterior area, you will be better served to use a larger painting company.  It will take a little more planning time, but for these larger jobs it’s definitely best to use a reputable painting company that is fully insured and has plenty of references for you to check out.

Again, you want to limit your up-front exposure and there are some Cumming Painting Contractors who do not require an initial down payment or paint purchase.  All payment is due upon job completion and your satisfaction of a job well done.  One such company is Earthly Matters Painting.

Earthly Matters Painting

Earthly Matters Painting Company is located on Union Hill Road and Georgia 400 in Alpharetta, GA.  Earthly Matters is locally owned and operated and has been serving homeowners in and around north Cumming for over 16 years (see area map below for primary service areas).

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Earthly Matters Painting has a solid reputation for quality and timely performance and service to every customer.  To request a free Earthly Matters estimate to paint your home, simply click on our Contact Form.

We look forward to being of service to you, your family, and your home!