stress free house paintingPainting your home can be overly stressful, expensive, and complicated. Whether the project is interior or exterior, we offer stress free house painting. We take the time necessary to insure a quality end result that is done right!

Earthly Matters Painting, rated one of the best Cumming house painters, provides clients with affordable prices and services within one to two weeks, as well as meeting the needs of all prospective customers.  Interior and exterior painting services are available for all surfaces. Before painting, surfaces are completely cleaned and prepped. Paint that is used for exterior painting includes a mold and mildew inhibitor.  This helps to prevent excess growth of harmful germs and bacteria in the future.

For interior painting, all floors, furniture, etc. are covered and protected.  If you want to paint an area that is currently wallpapered, we will either remove the wallpaper, or apply a primer over the wallpaper before painting the desired color.  All painted surfaces will include the sheen desired by the client (flat, satin, semi-gloss, or glossy).

Our staff is highly trained and prepared to answer every question concerning the necessary processes and paints that should be used per project. Our Cumming Paint Contractors are experienced to work with different surface textures and materials.  We help our customers decide what is best for their home. Project managers will address every aspect of the plan to ensure stress free house painting.